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Question — How Can I Improve My Rumba Dramatically in 7 Days (?) Answer — Sorry there is no way you can do it. Better Question —- Is There Any Possible Way To Improve Rumba However Long It May Take ? Answer —– Read below. Yes, I lied in the title. But, if you thought […]

Jive (International Latin) has a very characteristic mood. It’s different from swing or lindy. It has been influenced by swing, lindy, but more by rock’n roll, and therefore its energy is very high. However, the music often played during the competition is different — often of swing nature. Plus in exhibitions they tend to show […]

Guess — What is the hardest part in dancing? Mastering Ballroom Technique is truly hard work until one gets it. It takes months and years until one gets it. (Unless you have a great coach.) Heather Smith explains impetus technique for the lady. (WOW !!!!) Step 1. Step forward by flexing through left knee and […]

Luca talks about importance of finding “core” in standard dancing. Wow—- this is not easy to digest. But a couple must try this if you want to look like Luca and Lorraine. When they dance, they really dance like one body moving. I don’t know any other couple who are better at it than Luca […]