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I found a nice instructional samba video on Youtube.  I read comments under the video. It said, “I am Brazilian and this is not samba ! ” Another said ,” You talk too much” Fact: 1) — Many of the Brazilians do not like ballroom style samba — 2) — Many Brazilians think they own […]

Years ago they were saying Ballroom dance may become Olympic sports. Then they did not have enough people dancing from all over the world, and did not get enough support. I believe that, still there is a movement. But I simply propose to include Ballroom dancing as an outdoor sport. Everyone will immediately recognize that […]

Intro: Anna Karina, one of the most beautiful actresses ever. She sings “Ma ligne de chance” in the below video. It’s a re-edit. Pretty good job done. But the original song is from the film “Pierrot le fou”. OK. So let’s talk about dancing. One of my favorite film is “band of outsiders”.(Directed by Jean-Luc […]