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Okay I am biased against club cha cha cha. normally I do not prefer club cha cha cha, simply because I feel that the music is not hot. Yes I need great cha cha music to dance to. I feel that most of the songs they play on the social (salsa) floor are boring. But […]

Years ago they were saying Ballroom dance may become Olympic sports. Then they did not have enough people dancing from all over the world, and did not get enough support. I believe that, still there is a movement. But I simply propose to include Ballroom dancing as an outdoor sport. Everyone will immediately recognize that […]

When you think of small towns in U.S., perhaps Hollywood films conjure us the image of a gas station and a tavern with motorcycles parked outside. But here you see some energetic salsa dancers tearing up the mean streets of San Luis Obispo, California. The quality of dancing is so good and to the music, […]