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Subtitle:  Many Wonderful Sounds of “Fascination” Song I like to explore different versions of songs. It’s interesting, and I learn something new in the process. If you are a ballroom dancer, you are probably familiar with the waltz song “Fascination”. There are many versions that are played on ballroom floors – including Nat King Cole’s. […]

Intro: Anna Karina, one of the most beautiful actresses ever. She sings “Ma ligne de chance” in the below video. It’s a re-edit. Pretty good job done. But the original song is from the film “Pierrot le fou”. OK. So let’s talk about dancing. One of my favorite film is “band of outsiders”.(Directed by Jean-Luc […]

Old friends and old wine are best.” Proverb from while ago. Translation: “Stop dubbing great old film with something of less value” While ago when I stated that somethings are better left alone, I meant it.(here) I saw a video clip titled “—-criminal” with names like Fred Astaire, Michael Jackson, Cyd Charisse. Wow how do […]