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Talented Youth Couple: Paweł Tekiela & Agnieszka Kaczorowska (Poland). They started to dance together 12/2009. Their dancing is filled with energy and vibrancy.  I like both of them. What I like about their dancing is that they make it so fun to watch. Of course their execution is great too. Cha Cha :  It is […]

I found a nice instructional samba video on Youtube.  I read comments under the video. It said, “I am Brazilian and this is not samba ! ” Another said ,” You talk too much” Fact: 1) — Many of the Brazilians do not like ballroom style samba — 2) — Many Brazilians think they own […]

Some guys are so lucky. It’s unfair. I mean they somehow get those gorgeous ladies. Am I talking about the film above(Pretty Maids All In A Row, 1975)? Huh? If you want to think so. That’s fine with me. But, really, I am talking about the Italiano guy. His name is Stefano. Yeah he is […]

As a ballroom dancer, I don’t get to watch ballet often at all. But every time I watch, I am totally absorbed by the beauty of the art. But then I start to think ——– I do not complain a lot. Even about the weather of the city that I live in. Cleveland weather? Not bad. […]

Intro: Anna Karina, one of the most beautiful actresses ever. She sings “Ma ligne de chance” in the below video. It’s a re-edit. Pretty good job done. But the original song is from the film “Pierrot le fou”. OK. So let’s talk about dancing. One of my favorite film is “band of outsiders”.(Directed by Jean-Luc […]

“Rumba is —-A Vertical Expression of Horizontal Desire” —-(Recent Saying) Background: I met Allan & Vibeke a few years ago at a lecture they gave during a dance competition. When I observed Vibeke’s walk during her lecture, I realized I have not seen such beautiful walk ever (she was just giving lecture !). I became […]

“Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another.” (by anonymous) It is such a pleasure to see some couple dancing beautifully. Kamil Studenny & Katya Trubina are 3 Time Canadian Amateur National Champions (