Amazing Cristian Oviedo Dances Hot Club Cha Cha Cha


Okay I am biased against club cha cha cha. normally I do not prefer club cha cha cha, simply because I feel that the music is not hot. Yes I need great cha cha music to dance to. I feel that most of the songs they play on the social (salsa) floor are boring.

But I think I am going to change my mind. I found this great cha cha dancing clip by Cristian Oviedo and Christina Haggerty. See yourself the energy and the heat.

Cristian Oviedo is current reigning 4 time world salsa champion. The beautiful Christina Haggerty teaches salsa in LA. I have personally watched Cristian and marveled at how amazing he was when I was in LA as well as at salsa congress. So no wonder that I like his cha cha cha.
I was in Santa Monica – a suburb of L.A. – and loved it. Many salsa night clubs I went to there were packed with hot salsa dancers. The dancing went on to 2:00 am (on a weekday). My best ever salsa club experience was in that area. So I can feel the heat of the club. The song in the video (Silencio) will be my favorite cha cha song.The above video clip is a almost vintage clip (from 2004). It was danced in L.A. in a club that no longer exists. When I watched the beautiful movements in the video, I had to ask myself a question. How would I feel if i saw a clip of my dancing from 9 years ago?To think about it, I wasn’t seriously into salsa in 2004. I have been hooked on salsa only in the last 3-4 years. But I think I am so lucky that I got seriously involved in it. And I love it.

I know I will be old……one day….but I will still remember The Days of Being Wild (This is a title of my favorite film as well).
Although the story of the film has nothing to do with salsa……..I think the life that I have now almost fits the title……yes my days of being wild with … and adventure ………my days of hot salsa (or bachata, or cha cha cha).

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