All The Pretty Maids In A Row – How To Be A Lucky Guy : Stefano Di Filippo & Olga Urumova


Pretty Maids All In A Row

Some guys are so lucky. It’s unfair.

I mean they somehow get those gorgeous ladies. Am I talking about the film above(Pretty Maids All In A Row, 1975)? Huh? If you want to think so. That’s fine with me. But, really, I am talking about the Italiano guy. His name is Stefano. Yeah he is hunky. Yeah he is a great dancer. Yeah he is an Italiano. But two gorgeous partners in a row? It’s unfair ! I mean unfair to other competitors.  When it comes to competitive dancers, although they are all good at the top, its not easy to find a couple that I like very much both of them.

OK. So the subtitle of this blog is:

Promising Partnership of  Stefano Di Filippo & Olga Urumova

Stefano Di Philipo, who used to dance with Anna Melnikova in Amateur International Latin division, is now dancing with Olga Urumova in professional division(sice sometime in 2009 — but now they are actively in competitions). The new partnership looks awfully good.

Stephano Di  Filippo and  Olga Urumova dance Cha Cha below.

To be able to truly appreciate a couple’s dancing,   I feel that the music has to be right to fully show what they are good at.  Often this is difficult in competitions, and the competition clips show a couple only for a while . Therefore, a show dance is when a couple can show off their artistry.

Now here comes a really well-done Samba. Great choice of music ! (Thus the couple shines)

It’s done so well musically – it does lead me into trance state. Wasn’t that the whole point of aboriginal(or origin of)  music & dance? Perhaps.

Now, to fully appreciate a couple’s chemistry, I must examine their rumba.

Their rumba is so in sync with the music, you can’t help but melting into it. I do feel they have really great chemistry — This rumba feels so classical in the song, and this is the way I like it. So kudos to them for another great choice of music.

Now for those who are wondering what I meant when I said he is a lucky guy, check it out below.

Stefano Di Filippo and Anna Melnikova (his ex-partner) doing Rumba below:

Lastly, regarding the question – how to be a lucky guy,  I hope you get it by now. Be gorgeous,  and dance extremely well, you may get lucky. I mean lucky in dancing.

Huh? You want to know about getting lucky in love? You are in a wrong blog, dude. Get out of here. Use Google and just type it in.


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