How To Improve Your Rumba Dramatically in 7 Days or Less


Question — How Can I Improve My Rumba Dramatically in 7 Days (?)

Answer — Sorry there is no way you can do it.

Better Question —- Is There Any Possible Way To Improve Rumba However Long It May Take ?

Answer —– Read below.

Yes, I lied in the title. But, if you thought I had such a secret of getting it done in 7 days, and you thought if I was going to share the secret with you, you must be out of your mind. 🙂

But at least I got your attention. So here is a sure fire approach that you need to take, and I will give you my full guarantee: Yes your rumba will surely get better in some time.

This is for intermediate level dancers who are already familiar with their basic moves and concepts, although beginning dancers should be fully aware of this.

1) Learn Correct Latin Technique: One must thoroughly understand the principle of body action, weight transfer for perfect control of the dancer’s body. There are many videos that teach Latin technique (separate from syllabus moves). Spend some money on tape (DVD) if your instructor hasn’t mentioned these important principles to you.  Or better yet, find an instructor who can teach you this.

2) Mastering footwork: Remember body action initiates footwork. Also you must use standing leg for movement of the moving leg. (This is very important ! But I can’t go into elaboration here. Listen to the commentator on Blackpool Dance Festival videos.)

The most clean footwork comes from understanding and using correct body movement technique. Plus years of training. Ladies, if you can duplicate Shirley Ballas’ footwork, you will be an envy of everyone on the dance floor. In the clip below, Corky Ballas makes the instruction so enjoyable here. Corkey and Shirley have also one of the most memorable rumba dance performance on their rumba(Rumba Variations) instructional video, but it’s not on youtube. Anyway I am putting the following Cha Cha clip so that you can watch her beautiful foot action. And look for more in my future blogs. Or perhaps buy their video and put into your video library.

3) Make It Musical: (This is rather hard question for even advanced dancers.) To start with, first, you need to be on time. Once you are on time, then develop further articulation by 1) Understanding how body movements are to be divided according to the beat (for example one, and, a(ah) are all different when counting during the dance movement). 2) Listen to the music or feel the music during the dance; there is no dance without the music. Knowing how to extend/shorten or which part to emphasize comes from understanding of the music.

Here is an excellent intro by the renowned world-class instructor Barbara McColl during a Rumba lecture.

I can’t get into musical interpretation parts: Many lectures are available – especially Blackpool series.
Hopefully I will cover this subject in more detail in the future. Come back ! Or subscribe to my blog.

4) Pay Close Attention to Partner.

You can’t do it alone. Remember to dance together with the partner when dancing.

How can we increase awareness of partner during the dancing? Firstly, here is an excellent advice by renowned Luca Baricchi. The lecture is regarding International Standard, but the essence applies to Latin dancing, too.

Go to —>“How to really connect with partner” (opens in a new window)

Then, especially for ladies, here is an excellent article. It’s written for Argentine tango, but essence of following applies to any partner dancing.

We circle silently
about the wreck
we dive into the hold.
I am she: I am he


I found this beautiful poem quoted in an article of blog “Still Life in Buenos Aires”. Check it out!

Go to —> “Descending Tango” (Opens in a new window) : This is an article not a lecture clip.


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