A Ballroom Dancer and Ballet Carmen — Why I Need To Move To Another City Someday


As a ballroom dancer, I don’t get to watch ballet often at all. But every time I watch, I am totally absorbed by the beauty of the art. But then I start to think ——–

I do not complain a lot. Even about the weather of the city that I live in. Cleveland weather? Not bad. It’s not the best, but it’s not the worst, I say. Then think about it, we don’t have ballet company here. I need to leave this town.  I am so envious of other cities that offer such beautiful thing. When will I be able to ——-?

Latin Ballroom dancers tend to think ballet as some other form of art. But in fact there is such a similarity between ballet and Latin style of ballroom dance that Western world has developed.

Below is a quote directly from Youtube.

“Oh how we rob ourselves when we dismiss Ballet as boring or irrelevant! The controlled passion, the grace, the flowing sensual beauty that is contained in an inspired performance rivals anything we have created. Truly, the beauty of motion and the human form are revealed in the precise, yet always individualistic forms of great performers and performances.” (Youtube commentator)

Below: Alessandra Ferri In Ballet Carmen

For those readers who are wondering why I am interested in this clip (Original Choreography by Roland Petit), please go to my previous Ballet Carmen blog.


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