Ballroom Dance/ Salsa as Outdoor Olympic Sports


Years ago they were saying Ballroom dance may become Olympic sports. Then they did not have enough people dancing from all over the world, and did not get enough support. I believe that, still there is a movement.

But I simply propose to include Ballroom dancing as an outdoor sport. Everyone will immediately recognize that it is going to be a physically challenging sport – you may have to endure burning sun, freezing wind, or rainstorm – plus you don’t need to have a dance hall. Suddenly ballroom dancing may become popular for young kids who do not want to be indoors, or for people who can’t afford to build dance halls. All you need is speaker and a pair of (sturdy) dance shoes. I personally find it rather difficult, but, hey, think about it. If one can dance anywhere and everywhere, do we really need “heaven”? Below I found very nice Cha Cha and also Cuban Salsa Master showing off their dancing outdoors. Indeed in warmer parts of the world, dances are performed often outdoors. But perhaps not so much socially. Hey you ! Get off the computer now and get out and dance !!!!

In the below Stephen White and Rebeca Ovadia of A Social Affair Dance Studio, perform a Cha Cha for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. Very nice routine, too.

In the below, David Huo, from Beijing, China (won the Cuban Salsa champion) shows off his wonderful dancing style, amazing! (young lady is great, too!)


One Response to “Ballroom Dance/ Salsa as Outdoor Olympic Sports”

  1. 1 Rita Jane

    good idea! it’s a shame to have to stay inside…

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