Dance of Energy and Wit – Best of Jive Dancing


Jive (International Latin) has a very characteristic mood. It’s different from swing or lindy. It has been influenced by swing, lindy, but more by rock’n roll, and therefore its energy is very high.

However, the music often played during the competition is different — often of swing nature. Plus in exhibitions they tend to show artistry by incorporating swing/lindy style. As is mentioned in commentary (video), one needs to control energy level carefully, and add play(wit). Not easy. Here are some excellent examples of top amateur champions (2005) with commentaries (!!!!). Mostly they compete in professional division now. Then in the below there is most recent (and more improved) jive by Stefano Di Filippo. (Read more about it below.)

In the below, Stefano Di Filippo who is now dancing with Olga Urumova shows beautifully executed jive. So musical, and with such high energy and intricate finesse. I truly love watching this kind of jive dance.


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