Allan Tornsberg & Vibeke Toft – Expressions in Rumba


“Rumba is —-A Vertical Expression of Horizontal Desire” —-(Recent Saying)

Background: I met Allan & Vibeke a few years ago at a lecture they gave during a dance competition. When I observed Vibeke’s walk during her lecture, I realized I have not seen such beautiful walk ever (she was just giving lecture !). I became her fan immediately. (I was already a fan of Allan Tornsberg and Serena Lecca.) Unfortunately it was not easy to find videos of Vibeke Toft dancing with Allan. Now I have found their dancing together, thanks to youtube.

Allan posted a recent dance with Vibeke (2010) on his Facebook. Facebook does not make it easy to embed video here. But if you don’t have facebook account, you can go here to watch high quality video.

One can see that expression of (especially) passion through rumba dance is a separate matter from athleticism which is common on the competition floor these days. It does not come from exaggerated facial or body moves, either. All I can say is that when one sees great dancing, one can feel it through heart. So glad to see this amazing dance.


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