Beautiful Partnership, Beautiful Rumba – Sergey Ryupin & Elena Khvorova –


Sergey Ryupin & Elena Khvorova

Lady Gaga’s video is stirring up some controversy I heard. It’s not new they say. She is trying to be like Madonna, another says. Controversy is just another media tactic I hear. Music videos are filled with sensual depiction of exposed body parts, and explicitly sexual gestures of stars and dancers.  Yes, it is now hard to shock people. What’s new?

In ballroom dancing, it’s not explicit like in pop culture. But it is common to see over-expression and over-gestures by dancers.  Ruud Vermey (In Latin: Thinking, Sensing and Doing) says too many (ballroom) latin dance competitors try to impress audiences by exaggerated gestures. So I thought about how a non-sexual and non-sensual dance can be so much more impressive and deliver heart-stopping emotions.

Sergey & Elena were such beautiful dancers together (1995-2005). This particular rumba shows how they put out such heart-throbbing performances through their partnership. In this ensemble, Sergey exhibits almost stoic manliness and Elena shows female softness in such a contrast. Sergey does not show off. In contrast to Elena who is expressively dancing and moving like butterfly, Sergey dances with Elena with extreme self-restraint.

There are many moods to rumba. And I love how Sergey expresses the mood of the song so virtually true.

Source = 2005 World Superstar Latin

Rating = Magnificent

The following (slow) jive shows how their partnership was so amazing. Watch every interaction and perfect sync.


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