Salsa King of California (and Salsa Qeen)


When you think of small towns in U.S., perhaps Hollywood films conjure us the image of a gas station and a tavern with motorcycles parked outside. But here you see some energetic salsa dancers tearing up the mean streets of San Luis Obispo, California.

The quality of dancing is so good and to the music, and I can’t tell if it is choreographed or impromptu.
I’m saying side by side shines are choreographed for sure because they are in perfect sync. Partnered parts are probably more loosely practiced by lead and follow. But their dancing is so in sync with the music, it is truly inspiring.

I am saying impromptu because they are showing that they are having so much fun.
Many high level salsa dancers are out there, and they perform in front of the crowd. They show their flash routines, but, often times, I see lack of having fun from their face. Why? Perhaps they are so used to it – so it’s no more fun for them ? If so, shouldn’t they change routine? (Just a thought)

Kudos to Khang and Angie for a marvelous dancing !


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