Reflective Choreography of Passion in Ballet Carmen (Rolan Petit) by Tamara Rojo and Lienz Chang


As a ballroom dancer, I am used to watching ballroom dance performances. However, when I watch some ballet performance, I am deeply moved by the beauty of the ballet art. Little did I realize how much elements of ballet are incorporated into the current ballroom dancing. Especially Latin American rumba dance has many open choreography that are very much borrowed from ballet. Therefore, the beauty of the modern (ballroom) Latin American dancing is a result of successful fusion of Latin American dance and ballet. Here is a ballet piece that is so beautiful to watch (and to feel the passion running through it) and is an amazing inspiration for rumba choreography.

Ballet Carmen originally choreographed by Rolan Petit is one of those beautiful pieces of art that gives recurring sensation of what a great art is like. Ballet Carmen is performed either with the original Rolan Petit choreography or new choreography. New interpretations can be good. But, some masterpieces are to be left alone – as is. And here is a great example. I think I enjoy this Rolan Petit’s choreography far more than any others. Ballet Carmen by Tamara Rojo and Lienz Chang. Performed at Teatro Real in 2008 at the Ellas Crean festival. Original Choreography by Roland Petit.

0:00 -3:15 min.  Carmen’s Solo

3:15 – 5:30 min. Don Jose’s  Effort to join Carmen

5:30 -9:07 min. Dancing Together  to Carmen Suite 1. Intermezzo. Andantino quazzi Allegretto (Prelude to Act III)

After Tamara Rojo’s solo dancing, Lienz Chang joins her for the choreography by Roland Petit. (Compare to the original choreography below)

I compared the above clip to the original performance by Roland Petit and Zizi Jeanmaire (see below).  Margo interviews Roland Petit, then performance follows in the video Clip. My comment follows below the clip.

It’s amazing how Tamara Rojo resembles Zizi Jeanmaire (original ballerina in Roland Petit’s Carmen). Tamara and Lienz even wears look-alike costumes and hair. In any case, both of the renditions are quite extraordinarily beautiful.

Can Lady Gaga, or any “sexually charged music video” dancers who follow trail of Madonna (the singer) show such an exhibition of passion? I wonder.


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